Song Premiere: Lauren Jauregui’s “More Than That” Sounds GLORIOUS In Studio Version! First Solo Hit Is Finally Here!

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Loved the live version and loving EVEN MORE the studio version. This beat is everything and has taken control of my entire body! I am at your command, queen!

Lauren Jauregui officially released her second solo single titled "More Than That" today on digital platforms - just a couple of months after debuting it live at a random MTV event. The track knocks hard, let's just start with that. This beat Charlie Handsome & Murda Beatz created for Lauren just WINS so much in the studio version - as expected. And if you can wear headphones for your first listen of this, it's just gets ten times better.

"More Than That" is a little naughty pop-urban song. An empowered Lauren Jauregui isn't afraid of talking about her sexuality and have fun with it, as you only get one life in this world, in her new single. You may be partnered but who's to say you can only love one person? Lauren puts this dilemma to the test in this song whose lyrics hear the Cuban-American hitting on a guy even though she has a man waiting for her at home. She wants to have fun and will allow for that fun to happen only if this new guy proves his worth.

Verses, chorus, the artwork...It all works out. "More Than That" should give Lauren that first solo success "Expectations" didn't give her.

PS: I need a TV performance ASAP!



By on January 11, 2019

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