Just Because Of This SACRED Artwork, Lauren Jauregui’s Next Single “More Than That” Needs To Be A Smash Hit!

lauren jauregui more than that cover

I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but come on… THIS IS A COVER IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE!

Lauren Jauregui revealed on social media a few hours ago the official artwork for her upcoming single “More Than That”. The picture serves HOLY & SACRED vibes as Virgin Jauregui poses, virtually naked, lied down on a floor of roses. Botticelli, who?

I’m actually LIVING for the comment Lauren’s BFF Kehlani posted on her artwork reveal tweet:

LOL! If she gets it as a painting, can I have a copy too? Name the price, Lauren, I’ll pay!

It’s a really stunning artwork, isn’t it?

Lauren is going to have a difficult job topping this masterpiece when the time comes to reveal the artwork of her much-anticipated debut solo album. How can you live up to this, right? I hope she’s up for the challenge.

Just because of this beauty of an artwork, Lauren’s next official single “More Than That” needs to be a MASSIVE HIT. The song (studio version) is out this Friday, January 11th. For the live version, watch below.

By on January 8, 2019

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