Hilarious: Ariana Grande Asked To Restart "Raindrops" Performance By Fan Who Wasn't Recording With His Phone, She Obeys!

ariana grande heckler

This honestly just made my day. Can’t stop replaying it!

At a recent intimate "Sweetener Session", Ariana Grande was “forced” to stop a performance of “Raindrops” (the intro track of her new album) she had just started because a fan in the crowd shouted “Wait! Start again because I wasn't recording!(*insert cringe face meme*)

Ariana never pays mind to hecklers but she found this particular situation so random she just had to stop singing and address it. She was very cool about it, though. She found the whole situation hilarious and got a good laugh from it! She interacted with the crowd and the heckler/crazy fan and then proceeded to restart the “Raindrops” performance as instructed following a verification with the heckler he was recording OK now (lol).

For things like this, I love Ariana Grande.

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By on August 27, 2018

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