Zhavia Unleashes New Song "100 Ways": Premiere

zhavia 100 ways

Where's Zhavia’s debut EP or album? That's what I want to know. Enough games. I want the deets.

Talented Zhavia premiered a brand new song called “100 Ways” today but there's still no news of an EP or album and I'm totally reaching my limit of patience. Columbia or whatever executive that is holding Zhavia from giving us that much-anticipated project need to have several seats and allow the true winner of season 1 of “The Four” unleash all of the music she has recorded in the last year.

100 Ways” is an epic-sounding mid-tempo, kind of obscure in vibe but super powerful the same time. Zhavia in here sings about being a persistent, independent and empowered woman. With her there's not just one way to resolve a situation, she can find 100 if needed.

I just adore anything that's blessed with Zhavia’s unique vocals. And I like how everything she blesses gets that Caribbean flavor.

STREAM (click here for the lyrics)

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By on December 12, 2018

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