Zayn Sings In Hindi On His Cover Of Bollywood Song “Allah Duhai Hai”

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No news yet on the release date of Zayn’s second album but here’s more new music from him. The British singer released via Twitter today a cover of a Bollywood song called “Allah Duhai Hai”. Zayn sings this 100% in Hindi. I may not speak the official language of India but I would say Zayn’s pronunciation sounds good? (lol). No, really, I love this and I love how Zayn sounds in Hindi. If America and the UK ever give him the back, he should totally consider developing a music career in India. The original “Allah Duhai Hai” is performed by Bollywood star Salman Khan and it was featured on the latest installment of the “Race” Bollywood movie series, “Race 3”. Zayn has revamped the original version to make it sound more current with a new dub step, EDM production.

Where can I purchase some traditional Indian clothes? I need to dance to this Bollywood-style right now. It's a bop! And Zayn's vocals? WOW!


By on November 20, 2018

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