Zayn Poses Shirtless On Instagram, Doesn’t Look Too Worried About “Icarus Falls” Flopping!

zayn shirtless

Zayn doesn’t look too sad about the sales fiasco of his most recent album “Icarus Falls”. The British singer posted Saturday new photos on his Instagram feed where he looks both relaxed and calm but most importantly SHIRTLESS! The “No Candle No Light” chanteur shows off his new earring, his new collar, and his new beard cut on top of flaunting his naked torso that gives us a good look at various of his tattoos, including that heart tattoo in the lower area of his abdomen.

What do you think of these pics?

I’ve always thought of Zayn of a handsome guy but that new beard style? Ugh. What a turn-off! He should have left the sides intact.

So what’s next for Zayn? I doubt he’s going to continue with the promotion of “Icarus Falls”. Will he start recording his next album? Will he release it with RCA? So many questions. Perhaps Zayn should stop uploading Instagram selfies and start doing magazine interviews or Q&As with fans on Twitter where he tells us what can we expect from him in the future? Would it be honest to say his career has been hurt after the “Icarus Falls” fiasco? I’d say yes. But I only see someone unbothered in these new pics. Can it be that this fiasco due to the lack of promotion was something intentional by Zayn to perhaps take one or two sabbatical years? I don’t know what to think. I only know RCA is mad at him. Maybe what Zayn’s waiting for is that RCA lets him go and he can become an independent artist?

So what’s left for us to do? I guess nothing more than just keep double tapping on shirtless selfies Zayn uploads on Instagram like these two.

By on February 3, 2019

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