"Too Much": Zayn Drops Another New Song But WHERE Is The New Album?

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Where is the album, Zayn? Where!?

Zayn keeps on giving us new songs but no word yet on the release date of his second solo…

The British singer dropped a new song called “Too Much” this Thursday morning on digital platforms. The track was produced and features Timbaland.

I guess I want too much / I just want to love you now / You just can't love me back”, sings Mr. Zayn, aka the Gigi Hadid off-and-off boyfriend, in the chorus of his Timbaland collaboration. The production is really cool, kind of a chill bop overall, I am digging the Zayn vocals, and as you can imagine from the lyric excerpt, “Too Much” is a song about heartbreak and Zayn being truly unable to believe what he had with his former girlfriend is over. So maybe he wrote (or asked some songwriter to write it for him) during one of the love hiatus he had with Gigi?


I dig this but where is the album, Zayn? Where!? We need a cover and a release date ASAP.

By on August 2, 2018

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