“X Factor UK” Saara Aalto Inks Five-Album Deal With Sony, Gets A Song From Sia!

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Saara Aalto may not have won the 2016 edition of "The X Factor UK" (she was beaten by Matt Terry in the finale) but cry she must not. For her career seems will be much better, and much brighter than that of the official winner (who by the way did not manage to get a #1 debut for his winner's single in the UK).

It has just been reported that Saara has inked a FIVE-ALBUM deal with Sony Music UK and that Australian singer-songwriter Sia has already given her an original song for the Finland-born pop singer to include on her major label debut album! The same report indicates that Miss Aalto will be flying to L.A early next year to record with Diane Warren and David Foster - who have penned hits in the past for the likes of Beyoncé, Madonna, or Celine Dion, to name only a few.

In an exclusive interview in Finland, Saara Aalto shared:

"I’m now working with some of the best songwriters in the world and Sia has written a song that has been given to me. Oh my god, it’s just insane. I think Sia is a pretty good reference for me because her way of singing and the way she composes the melodies and writes the lyrics is very similar to what I’ve always done. I describe my own music as epic love pop. I don’t want to sing about going to a party with friends, I want to sing meaningful songs that can inspire people and I think Sia’s songs are really deep."

I was really rooting for her to win "The X Factor UK" this year but you know what? Some winners aren't the true "winners" in the end. And I think Sara will be one of those exceptions where the runner-up will be the one who gets a brighter career.

I'm already DYING to hear the song Sia's given her. And unlike Matt Terry, I'm convinced Saara will go to #1 with her major label debut single.

*By the way, if you're new to Saara Aalto, check out a few of her most amazing performances on this year's "X Factor UK". She performed songs by Gaga, Celine, ABBA, and Bjork, among others!


By on December 21, 2016
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