World Premiere: One Direction - "Steal My Girl" [Full Audio]

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It's here!!! I don't know how but the new One Direction single "Steal My Girl" is here!! Well, of course I know how. It's leaked!! Written by Wayne Hector, John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, Ed Drewett, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, the anthemic "Steal My Girl" is the lead single from One Direction's upcoming fourth LP "Four" (November 17th).

"Steal My Girl" was scheduled to premiere on radios around the world tomorrow, Monday, September 29th but a sneaky leaker has ruined One Direction's plans. Will they rush the premiere/iTunes release?. The digital release was also fixed for tomorrow, immediately after the radio premiere apparently. The UK iTunes release date is unmovable, though. Uk'ers fans of 1D will have to wait till October 12th - although they'll be able to get "Steal My Girl" in an EP bundle featuring a "Big Payno" remix of the song as a treat.

"Steal My Girl" Review

After ten consecutive plays, I have to say me likes this. I wouldn't call "Steal My Girl" One Direction's most-commercial first single of their career, but the song is good. Pretty good actually. Really liking the way the boyband's sound is evolving into something less pop and more rock, and folk. "Everybody wanna steal my girl, Find another one cause she belongs to me", sing the One Direction 'lads' in the chorus of their new single. "Steal my Girl" is an anthemic tune (the chorus is pure gold) where 1D sing about how protective they are about their girls.

Can't really say anything negative about the song. I like it a lot. From the piano melody, to the pure gold chorus and the 'na na na' bits. "Steal my Girl" is perfection to my ears.

Update: Official VEVO audio video added!

Hit or Miss?

By on September 28, 2014

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