World Premiere: Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande - "Over And Over Again" [Full Audio + Review]

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Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande reunited. Who would’ve thought?

After releasing the also love ballad “Almost Is Never Enough” back in 2013, Nathan and Ariana have a new collaboration in hands, “Over and Over Again”. Although, contrary to their first collaboration, “Over and Over Again” was born as a solo record, released by Nathan Sykes as an official single of his in late 2015 in the UK, and only now, after the disappointing performance of the original edit, it has been turned into a collaboration. “Over and Over Again” will be released now as a global single – I mean, if you record a collaboration with “Focus” princess Ariana Grande is to release it globally, not just in one market. Back in 2013, the Nathan and Ariana dated, coincidentally just in time to promote “Almost Is Never Enough”, so rumor has it now they might reunite as lover as well this year solely to promote “Over and Over Again”.

Nathan and Ari’s duet version of “Over and Over Again” was officially released today, January 15th. The song can be purchased on iTunes everywhere or streamed via Spotify, Apple Music or VEVO.

The ballad was pretty in its original version but it now prettier with Ariana on it. "We'll never forget this moment / It will stay brand new/ 'Cause I'll love you Over and over again", the two sing in the chorus (awww, how could you not 'fall in love' again with each other after singing this?). Love ballads certainly get a new, lovelier air when it has both the male and female perspectives. Plus, since both Nathan and Ariana are extraordinary vocalists, it was just a given they would slay the climax part of “Over and Over Again”. Totally a must-listen. Now, will this smash in the US? I have my doubts…it’s just that Nathan seems to have curse or something on him that prevents him to succeed as a solist. Fingers crossed this collaboration charts at least on the Hot 100, otherwise this would look bad on Ariana’s flawless résumé.

Hit or Miss?

By on January 15, 2016

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