World Premiere: Fantasia - "So Blue" [Full Audio + Review]

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Our girl Fantasia Barrino, if you forgot, is releasing her fifth studio album titled "The Definition Of..." on June 10th via RCA Records, and the much-anticipated project will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow, April 22nd, on iTunes. The pre-order launch will be celebrated with the release of a new song called "So Blue". However, for those too impatient to wait till tomorrow to purchase Fantasia's new song, she has been so kind to give us a stream of "So Blue" TODAY via VEVO.

Take a listen below:

She's back on the R&B road! Don't get me wrong, that attempt at country music with "Ugly" was cute, but Fantasia definitely feels in her element when she sings R&B.

"So Blue" is an intense mid-tempo ballad (with violins!) that talks about a couple who has been unfaithful to each other. "He's been missing and lost since he found out / I done brought another man up in this house / But I swear it isn't my fault, no it's not / About a week ago I caught him, he ain't figured it out", sings Fantasia in the shocking first verse. The rest of the song will hear Ms. Barrino telling us she don't know what to do next.

Man, that is one complicated situation!

Hit or Miss?

By on April 21, 2016

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