World Premiere: Bebe Rexha & Nicki Minaj - “No Broken Hearts” [Full Audio + Review]

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A long time has already passed since Bebe Rexha wrote the chorus of Eminem and Rihanna’s hit song “The Monster”, and made us dance with her infectious hook on David Guetta’s “Hey Mama”, and we still don’t have a debut album from her. However, there seems to finally be a light at the end of the tunnel, as it seems that Warner Bros. Records will finally be releasing Bebe Rexha’s long-awaited debut album later this year. Why do I say this? Because the official lead single from that upcoming Bebe Rexha debut album premiered this Wednesday morning (March 16) in the USA. The song “No Broken Hearts” received its first radio play on “The Elvis Duran Show” on NYC’s Z100 earlier this morning before getting released on iTunes.

No Broken Hearts” is an urban-pop song and it features none other than Ms. Nicki Minaj - that’s right! this is one of the very scarce collaborations the Trinidad and Tobago-born raptress has done in the latest times.

Bebe Rexha’s new single has a female empowerment feel where she tells all about her bad luck in finding true love. However, she’s all about leaving that sentiment of sadness behind at least for one night as she parties with her friends in the club where "there will be no broken hearts", she says, as where she will turn her “heartbreak” sentiment into rounds of shots and pure frenzy.

No Broken Hearts” is quite unique because it is a song where the verses are way catchier than the chorus. The melody in the verses (especially the pre-chorus) is so infectious, and GOLD, while Bebe keeps it very acapella-y in the chorus - although that calmness is quickly forgotten when that nod-along chill urban beats drops post-chorus (reminds me to "Dark Horse" a bit).

Welcom back, Bebe! THIS IS A BONA-FIDE SMASH!

Hit or Miss?

By on March 16, 2016
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