World Premiere: Ariana Grande - "Dangerous Woman" [Full Audio + Review]

ariana grande dangerous woman

The moment has arrived. The new single from Ariana Grande is finally here. Entitled “Dangerous Woman”, the song is the official second single from Ari’s forthcoming third studio album of the same name that will be released this Spring via Republic Records. “Dangerous Woman”, the song, hit iTunes this Friday morning (March 11) and Ariana Grande fans will be able to see the first televised performance of this fascinating song tomorrow on “Saturday Night Live”. Now this is what I call a perfect promo schedule alignment!

While “Focus” (the first single) can be described as an “extension” of what we could hear in Ariana’s second album “My Everything” (2014) - sounds like a close cousin of “Problem” (upbeat jazzy tune), this new single titled “Dangerous Woman” boasts a complete new sound.

This new song may not be as “instant”, or radio-friendly as “Focus", but it’s a stunning song nonetheless. It has an alternative R&B/neo-soul production that reminds me a lot of Miguel’s music. “Dangerous Woman” is a sexy track where we can hear Ariana singing in a very calm and sultry way about the attraction power of the man she fancies. “Something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman”, she sings in the chorus.

I don’t care if this song isn’t one for the clubs, this is quality music from Ariana, it’s well-sung, well-written and it just evokes a feeling of admiration from my mind. Plus, I have no doubt Ariana is going to SLAY “Dangerous Woman” in the live performances (can’t wait for SNL tomorrow).

Stunning second single from Ariana, a bold choice, and good to know that she hasn’t fully “sold out” yet.

By the way, having heard this new single, I seriously hope there are more songs like “Dangerous Woman” on Ariana’s new album than songs similar to “Focus”. Still, us fans of “Dangerous Woman”, the song, shouldn’t call it a win yet. We first must assure Ariana’s new single becomes an astonishing success, because if it underperforms you can bet that Republic Records is going to force Ariana to go back at releasing her bubblegum, in-your-face/too mainstream songs again. We want Ari to evolve!

Hit or Miss?

By on March 11, 2016

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