Why Don’t We Give "Trust Fund Baby" The Music Video Treatment: Watch Now

why dont we trust fund baby video
why dont we trust fund baby video premiere

I had forgotten about this awesome song for a small second so thank God for this music video premiere today to make me remember it. I’m talking about Why Don’t We’s latest single “Trust Fund Baby”, a catchy pop song that was written by Ed Sheeran. The boy band premiered the Jason Koenig-directed visual just a few minutes ago on their YouTube channel.

The “Trust Fund Baby” music video sees all 5 members of Why Don’t We just spending a regular day being flirtatious with their female love interests, a set of young women who appear to be very independent, intelligent and tough – just like the lyrics of the song of indicate!


So I guess I’ll be obsessed with this song for a second cycle all throughout this weekend. Thank you, music video!

By on March 1, 2018

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