Why Does Becky G Sound Dominican On New Single “Mangú”?

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Of course Becky G was going to continue milking her Spanish music. She isn’t a fool. She saw how “Sola” was warmly welcomed by the Latin community and she knew that she couldn’t take long to release a new Spanish track to keep the momentum going, for this was her door to return to the successful side of the business.

Becky G released then “Mangú” on Thursday (Oct. 6) at midnight at all digital music stores, but just a few hours prior, she performed her new Spanish single at the 2016 Latin American Music Awards - held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Aligning the digital release of your new single with a major TV performance? Nice!

If “Sola” had more of a EDM sound, Becky G really wanted to show this time her love for her Latina roots on new single “Mangú”. This one features a festive truly Latin-flavored sound.

The lyrics of “Mangú” are super silly, but beyond that, they are contradictory. Becky G says in the Spanish song that she’s definitely not a “loose” nor a “crazy” American woman, but one of the final scenes in the “Mangú” music video (watch below) sees her dancing on top the bar of a club and not looking particularly “demure”. So... what's up? Also, what the heck was that accent? Since when did she become Dominican? Culture appropriation much? Debate's open!

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Anyhow, yeah the lyrics and the singing accent may be quite “bizarre”, but the production on “Mangú” kind of saves the song a bit for me. It’s really infectious.

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