We Appreciate Power & Grimes’ Got It!

Grimes - We Appreciate Power cover

Grimes is back and in the best possible shape. If you don't believe me go then listen to the Canadian singer’s brand new single “We Appreciate Power” right now. The HANA-assisted song got released today, November 29th, on digital platforms. It's Grimes’ first new single in 3 years. It was a long wait but it was so worth it. “We Appreciate Power” is amazing, already legendary, and proof Grimes is an innovative queen who loves to give fans something different every era.


This is giving me Garbage meets Evanescence and I’m living for it. Grimes took inspiration from early 2000s alternative rock and took that sound to the next level and made it Grimes-ready. Why is this just 5 minutes long, though? It should be 10 at least! My rock kid - whom sadly I don't take care of very much - is loving this Grimes bop. I feel empowered!

By on November 29, 2018

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