Watch The Music Video For The Catchy New John Newman Single “Come And Get It” (Premiere)

john newman come and get it video
john newman come and get it music video

English singer John Newman might be celebrating his second #1 single soon.

He premiered on Monday morning (June 1) the music video for his new single “Come and Get It” on VEVO and this was the first time we get to hear the song as well. So double premiere right here.

Although “Come and Get It” can be streamed endlessly thanks to the music video link, UK’ers won’t be able to purchase John’s new single until July 17th which is the day it will be released on iTunes and other digital platforms.

“Come and Get It” is a soul-pop song with so incredibly catchy melody in the chorus that no doubt you will end up whispering it after a first listen.

john newman come and get it

As for the Alex Herron-directed "Come and Get It" MV, three-quarters of it is black and white while the rest is in color. The plot is a follows: John is the lover of a beautiful girl who has found in him the comfort and peace she demands of a relationship in contrast to what she has in her household, which is a man who doesn’t really care for her and only humiliates her. The day comes for the girl to leave her home for good, and after an intense moment with whom it’s about to her ex, she walks out the door, and proceeds to go on a convertible ride with John towards a happy life.


By on June 1, 2015

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