Watch Nicki Minaj’s Fierce Teaser For Her “Chun-Li” Music Video!

nicki minaj chun li teaser
nicki minaj chun li teaser video

Nicki Minaj has shared a "teaser" of her forthcoming "Chun-Li" music video.

She's calling this a teaser but I'm not sure how much of a real teaser this is.

Read Nicki's necessary explanation below:

"When you click on the link, you’ll see me with my new baby @thealiyajanell who I saw dancing to itty bitty piggy one day & fell in love with her. Long story short, I hired her. The REAL #ChunLi video DOES NOT look like what you’ll see when you click the link!!!! But after 2 days of filming, around 5am when my whole team & crew were TIRED AF, I asked her to FREESTYLE with me & this is what happened. The real #ChunLi video was directed by @stevenkleinstudio and will BLOW ur fkng mind!"


So this "teaser" was shot on set of the actual "Chun-Li" music video and the outfit Nicki's wearing is one of the outfits we will see in the real video. But the scenes of this "teaser" aren't actually part of the real music video. Got it!?

Real teaser or not, this got me excited for the official music video that's coming!

I already know it's going to slay me so much.

Watch the "teaser" of the "king kong" song below:

By on April 27, 2018
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