Watch Iggy Azalea Perform “Savior” With Demi Lovato At NYC Concert: Official Remix Happening?

demi lovato and iggy azalea perform savior
demi lovato and iggy azalea perform savior in concert

What a good friend!

Demi Lovato lent a supportive hand to her fallen-into-disgrace friend Iggy Azalea by inviting her to perform her flopping new single “Savior” at the Barclays Center in New York City before 19,000 people last night (March 16). Demi was in town for a concert of her “Tell Me You Love Me World Tour”. But Demi’s support didn’t limit to only allowing the Australian raptress to perform on her stage, for she performed alongside Iggy too! Demi replaced Quavo at the Barclays Center performance, singing all the choruses of the song. Could this be a hint they are planning to record a remix version of “Savior” saying bye to Quavo and hello to Demi Lovato? Make that happen please! That may be the only way “Savior” could be saved. Plus, Quavo clearly isn’t going to support Iggy promoting the single, as he threw shade this week at all the pop artists who need him for a feature to get a hit (what a despicable human being).


Anyhow, Iggy and Demi’s “Savior” performance was cute and Iggy must’ve been so happy to perform her single before so many people (aka. potential buyers). I know she must be praying now those Demi fans liked the song, will stream “Savior” this all this weekend, will tell their friends about the song, and hope that with all that snowball of support “Savior” will become a late-bloomer. But is she maybe asking for too much here? (lol). A girl can dream, though. But hey... get Demi to a studio ASAP and make that remix happen anyway!

By on March 17, 2018
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