Watch Dua Lipa Perform “IDGAF” On “Ellen”: Did She Get Censored?

dua lipa idgaf performance ellen
dua lipa idgaf performance ellen 2018

Is it common to perform on “The Ellen Show” twice in less than a month? The answer is quick and easy: NO. So for Dua Lipa to have achieved this feat there is only one explanation: Ellen must be the biggest fan of the British pop singer. Last month Dua Lipa performed “New Rules” on “Ellen” and on yesterday’s episode she repeated as musical guest this performing her new single “IDGAF”.


For this “Ellen” performance, Dua Lipa decided to recreate a little bit the music video of “IDGAF”. She had backup dancers wearing clothes of matching colors and they would all perform choreographies similar to those in the music video. As for Dua’s vocal execution of the song, it was quite flawless. I always find it exquisite to listen to Dua Lipa’s smokey sexy voice. But ‘oh no!’ at Dua being forced to sing the censored version of “IDGAF”. The song definitely loses a little bit of power without Dua shouting “fuck”.

By on March 15, 2018
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