Two Chris Brown Unreleased Tracks Leak: “Right Here” & “Ghetto Tales” (Listen)

chris brown unreleased music

The ‘X’ era is already a thing of the past but nonetheless ‘unheard’ Chris Brown music has just hit the Internet. How come? Is a re-release dropping soon? Not that I know of yet, no. The ‘unheard’ music is actually ‘unreleased’ material from Breezy Boy. It’s two tracks, one titled “Right Here”, and the other, “Ghetto Tales”. And by the sound of them, I would say they are leftovers from the first draft of the “X” album. You know, back at the time before he pushed it back so many times and recorded brand new material and scrap some of the previously recorded – because when leaving prison he got new ideas and sounds for “X”.

Anyhow, these two right below sound very demo-ish, and they’re not hard-hitting urban tracks at all, but they’re not fully R&B either. They’re something in between.

“Right Here” is a heart-warming track where CB sings about his devoted love towards a lady that has stolen his heart, while “Ghetto Tales” is also a bit laidback-sounding but the lyrics are all about Chris’ major need to get a legit female booty call/f*ck body. What a contrast between the two, huh? “F*ck a text message, call me / I'll be right there I'll listen”, sings Rihanna’s ex in the hook of the second song.

Like 'em?

"Right Here"

"Ghetto Tales"

By on June 5, 2015

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