Troye Sivan Serves Gay Anthem With “Bloom”: Single Premiere

troye sivan bloom

After a disappointing performance of his first single "My My My!" (which missed the Top 10 in his main market of Australia and only peaked at #80 on the Billboard Hot 100 in America) and the irrelevant repercussion of the buzz single "The Good Side" (although I really liked, and much more than "My My My!"), Troye Sivan serves this week the official second single from his forthcoming second studio album - which should be arriving in stores this summer but if the flops keep coming, don't doubt his record label will start announcing the delays.

The new Troye Sivan single is called "Bloom" and here's what you need to know about it: it's a gay anthem and it's a sex song. Troye called this song in an interview "the dirtiest song on the album". Why would he say that? Well, maybe because "Bloom" is about "the receptive partner losing his virginity"? I have a theory on whom the lyrics of the song were inspired by but that's a whole different discussion, lol.

Do I live for "Bloom"? The synth beats are amazing and the chorus is quite catchy. But it's really hard to sing along to the lyrics without cringing a little bit. Doesn't it happen to you too? It's just that the metaphors are so... my my my! haha.

"Bloom" is by far my favorite commercial song Troye has released this era but I'm a little bit preoccupied of how well this will perform on radio. I hope the stations are open-minded and support this. Otherwise a boycott needs to happen.


Read the lyrics to "Bloom" here

By on May 3, 2018
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