Travie McCoy & Sia Team Up for “Golden” Single, Watch Its Music Video Premiere Now!

travie mccoy golden video
travie mccoy golden music video

Will this be just a new one-off single or is Travie McCoy really planning to release the “Lazarus” (2010) follow-up album this year at last? I mean, he dropped “Rough Water” in 2013, and “Keep On Keeping On” early last year, and ultimately there was no new album – mostly due to the disappointing chart performance of both ‘singles’ – so I think I’ll be cautious this time in saying “a single from Travie’s upcoming second solo album due in stores later this year”. He, nor his label Fueled by Ramen, haven’t confirmed the news yet so me thinks that they’re waiting to see if “Golden” becomes a hit – and Travie is really needing to score one ASAP, otherwise I don’t think his label will be OK with him staying on their roster for much longer – to move forward with a full-length album release.

As with its predecessors, “Golden”, the new single from the former Gym Class Heroes star, features a renowned collaborator; none other than Australian superstar Sia.

The uplifting “Golden” was released on iTunes today, June 15, and its music video was simultaneously premiered on VEVO.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer audio and video premieres to take place a few days apart. I just think it’s an unnecessary overdose. A music video should premiere at least a few days after the single is released so it can serve as an extra boost when sales require it. Just what I think.

As for the Diplo-produced song, “Golden” ain’t really sticking with me on the first listen, I do think Sia’s vocals are quite marvelous, and as usual she’s written one amazing chorus, but the overall production of the single, and Travie McCoy’s verses, I find them to be just a bit weak. Maybe it’ll grow on me later, but as of now, I am not that impressed with “Golden”. Actually, I enjoyed “Rough Water” and “Keep On Keeping On” much better – but they turned out to be semi-flops. Oh gosh, pray for “Golden” now!

Traffic of hell

The déjà vu-themed clip shows Mr. McCoy stuck in one crazy-long traffic line on a desert road. He will get off his car to check out what’s happening and he will not believe the group of freaky people that will encounter.

What do you think of the song and video?

By on June 15, 2015

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