Travie McCoy Performs "Need You" on Jay Leno!

Travie McCoy performed for the first time on television his new single "Need You" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday - Weird...what happened to We'll Be Alright? That was the confirmed follow-up to "Billionaire", and you may recall Travie even released a music video for it not long ago! However, this performance on Jay Leno is a way of saying "I'm ditching We'll Be Alright folks!". Perhaps it's a one-moment thing but as for now I'll treat "Need You" as Travie's new single. The song is good but doesn't have 'hit' written on it. The Lucas Secon production might be a Top 20 hit but definitely will no get within the first ten spots on Billboard's Hot 100. As for the performance, it was ok-ish. I like more rapper Travie because singer Travie has to still work on his vocals. He seemed out of breathe at moments & couldn't reach some notes. The suprise moment was to see Patrick Stump! Travie invited the former Fall Out Boy frontman on stage with him. He played the guitar, did back up vocals for Travie and he has totally slimmed down!

By on October 12, 2010

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