Travie McCoy (feat. Brendon Urie) - "Keep On Keeping On" [Music Video Premiere]

travie mccoy in Keep On Keeping On video

We're not going to ask how much was this music video worth made. But let's just say the budget difference between "Rough Water" music video and this is quite remarkable!

He promised to premiere the visual for his newly-released (and by 'newly' we mean today) single "Keep On Keeping On" (feat. Brendon Urie) today too and Travie McCoy has kept his promise! Watch him and the Panic! at the Disco star in action in L.A below.

As we stated in our "Keep On Keeping On" review earlier this morning, the song is very radio-friendly and has has hit 'potential'. The 'old sampling + Brendon's rock vocals + Travie's signature rapping' make a stellar combination.

As for the new single's music video, aside of the fact it probably took 100 dollars to make, it's...alright. It's not something re-watch over and over again until you hurt your hand but it's alright. The M.V shows Travie and Panic!'s Brendon walking around what looks like a suburb area in Los Angeles singing, and clapping along to, the positive song.

Other scenes feature a little girl whose main dream is to become a music superstar. Why does the 'become' an angel in the last scene, we just don't know (shocked face).

Did you like the video?

travie and brendon urie in Keep On Keeping On music video
By on March 24, 2014

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