Tinashe Is Over "Joyride": Premieres Liberating New Song “Like I Used To”!

tinashe like i used to

You haven’t seen the last of Tinashe yet. Her last album “Joyride” (April 2018) may have flopped hard but that doesn’t mean Tinashe’s career is over or that RCA Records is abandoning her. She’s recording new music and word out there is that she’s going to release a mixtape/EP titled “Nashe” in the coming weeks. The first single of that rumored project would be this brand new song called “Like I Used To” that Tinashe released on digital platforms this Friday morning (July 13).

Like I Used To” is a mid-tempo R&B song with beautiful Tinashe vocals that hear her singing about a man that she can’t trust any more and also about how much of an empowered, independent woman she is. “Wake up in the morning / I can't f*ck you like I used to, yeah / Never be the same”, Tinashe sings in the chorus referring that worthless man. And then she will sing “Bitch I got my own cash / I do what I want to / I can pop my own tags, I can buy my own coupe” referring her healthy financial situation (healthy despite all the accumulated fails. “2 On” stream numbers are still that good?).

All in all “Like I Used To” is a cute song, it’s proof that Tinashe is indeed talented (but we all knew that), and it’s another added reason to the list as to why RCA shouldn’t drop her. Tinashe just needs to sit down, breath, and work with a great producer and a great songwriter to find that “hit” she needs again to revive her career (she will need some vacations after she drops this rumored mixtape. Then off to the recording studio to work on her next album). The pieces of the puzzle will come together eventually for her, I am sure of that.


Read the lyrics to "Like I Used To" here

By on July 13, 2018

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