This Is Cardi B’s “Invasion Of Privacy” Album Tracklist

cardi b album tracklist

Cardi B finally revealed the tracklist of her forthcoming debut album “Invasion of Privacy”. A little late (the album is coming out in two days) but it’s better than never.

The much-anticipated Cardi B set will feature a total of 13 tracks (did you want more?).

See the full list of songs:

1. Get Up 10

2. Drip

3. Bickenhead

4. Bodak Yellow

5. Be Careful

6. Best Life

7. I Like It

8. Ring

9. Money Bag

10. Bartier Cardi

11. She Bad

12. Thru Your Phone

13. I Do

Together with the reveal of the album tracklist, Cardi B posted the following mysterious tweet:

What exactly was she referring to? My two options are: A) there are more collaborations than she’s showing in the top photo or B) she’s talking about the other 3 music videos she’s shot these days. Maybe she’s going to release all 3 of them on Friday?

What do you think?

By on April 4, 2018
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