The Tinashe Curse Continues? She Gets Eliminated From “Dancing With The Stars” So Early!

tinashe eliminated

This is some real bullsh-t. Flawless dancing queen Tinashe eliminated this early in the competition? I mean, either the producers of the show have an issue with Tinashe and they manipulated the popular vote so that my girl was the eliminated contestant or the Tinashe curse is real and I’m scared.

After performing a splendid tango choreography, “No Drama” singer Tinashe was eliminated last night (Oct. 15) from the show because… the audience hates her/doesn’t care for her? This is so unfair. Tinashe has received great scores fro the judges every week, she has nailed every choreography, and she has served so much charisma every time, and this is how America pays her? So disrespectful. Whatever she says, I know she must feel horrible, hurt and a little bit humiliated. To be the fourth eliminated contestant on the new season? To not be at least a finalist? So unfair. How can America let Tinashe go and let people who have no idea of dancing still in the show? This world is crazy.

Watch Tinashe’s last performance:

Her reaction to the elimination:

Could she have a curse? Has someone done black magic to her? I mean, her last singles flopped, her last album flopped, her label hates her, and now she’s humiliated with an early axing from “Dancing With The Stars” despite she being an incredible dancer? This is too much.

By on October 16, 2018
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