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The Fray - "Love Don't Die" (Music Video)

The Fray get into a really bad brawl in a Texas bar in the music video for "Love Don't Die", the first single from the Isaac Slade-led rock band's upcoming fourth studio album "Helios", which is due in stores on January 14, 2014 via Epic Records.

The Fray released their sing-along anthem "Love Don't Die" back in October. They performed it on "The Today Show" that month, and the song reached the Top 20, I remember, on iTunes USA. They then, suddenly, stopped all kinds of (major) promotion, and subsequently "Love Don't Die" plummeted on the charts. Apparently, their label was waiting for all the strong competition to be gone. And have now in December, two months later, premiered the music video for "Love Don't Die".

It's a pretty simple visual. The group arrive at a Texas bar, they hit the stage to perform the song, then a beautiful woman, and friends, comes in, and a rude guy stards bugging her. The band members will go to her rescue, igniting in this way, a huge bar brawl.

What do you think of the video?

the fray love dont die video
By on December 6, 2013
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