The Chainsmokers Premiere “This Feeling” Music Video: Motocross & Few Scenes of Alex Pall Shirtless!

the chainsmokers this feeling video
the chainsmokers this feeling video premiere
the chainsmokers this feeling music video

Are you into motocross? Then you will love The Chainsmokers’ new music video for “This Feeling”. It’s all about that motorcycle sport.

The “This Feeling” music video premiered this Monday afternoon on YouTube and it sees Kelsea Ballerini, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall going head to head on a night-time motocross competition.

Best scenes? Well, definitely the ones where Alex Pall appears shirtless, when Andrew does all his crazy facial expressions when he hits the big climax notes towards the end of the song, and I liked the scene where Kelsea is belting her part and a few motocross races are spinning circles around her.

“This Feeling” is cute, the music video premiered today is cute too but it really sucks to see how the single is underperforming. The Chainsmokers really thought “This Feeling” would be their comeback song to the top of the charts but this hasn’t been the case – at least not yet. The song is really low on the iTunes Top 100 chart as of the writing of this post and since release it has only managed to peak #74 on the Billboard Hot 100. Maybe the guys will have more luck with the next single?


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By on November 12, 2018

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