Disrespectful: This Is How Latin Star Thalia Treats Fans At Meet & Greets

thalia meet and greet
thalia meet and greet evading fans

The common belief is that Latin artists are warmer, friendlier and closer to her fans in comparison to their American or European counterparts. Well, I think I just found the exception to the norm; and that's “Estan Ahi Mis Vidas” viral star Thalia - who has been on a roll lately with her latest reggaeton singles “No Me Acuerdo” and “Lento” after a few underwhelming years success-wise. Thalia has been in the industry for a long time. She is a well established, household artist in Latin America, she has various classics in her catalogue, and she has always been perceived as someone very humble and friendly. But that was just a fake facade it seems. Because the video you're about to watch will leave your jaw destroyed on the floor. At a recent meet and greet, the “true” Thalia was unveiled. And who’s that? An artist that seemingly doesn't really care about her fans and who just want their easy-to-obtain money. The footage below is hurtful and I hope she addresses it sooner than later. Watch and let's comment later.

So these fans paid tons of money for this meet and greet, probably either damaging really bad their savings account or accepting a credit card debt that will take them many months to pay back, and what they received was nothing but disgust, and a whole lot of fake attitude from their icon Thalia. Look at her fake smile and look how uncomfortably she posed with her fans for the photos. The first fan... OMG. The separation gap! It's as if Thalia was scared of what they were going to do to her. But it's YOUR fans! They have nothing but love for you. They just want to hug you and kiss you and say nice words. But Mrs Diva here ain't got time for that. She just wants to be over with each of them in less than 2 seconds. She wants no interaction and she wants her security team to manhandle her fans to remove them from the site as soon as possible.

This is appalling. I hope this reaches many people from Thalia’s fan community and they decide to not support this Latin diva with a bad attitude with any more meet and greet money. Go spend that money on your education, or other productive stuff.

By on November 16, 2018

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