Taio Cruz (ft Kylie Minogue) - Higher (New Song)

Kylie Minogue jumps on the official remix to Taio Cruz's new single "Higher" - The Sandy Vee-produced track was first included on the international edition of his second album "Rockstarr" released in June 2010 - It seems "Higher" will serve as the new European single as "Dirty Picture" is just starting to get plays on US radios. I think Kylie is a nice and clever addition to "Higher". It's definitely made me more interest on the song because before this I had only played 5 times the original version according to my iTunes 'song counter' lol. "Higher" with or without Kylie Minogue still doesn't scream SMASH HIT to me (as "Break Your Heart" and "Dynamite" did), but Taio is the guy of the year so I'm sure he'll score atleast a Top 5 hit.

By on October 21, 2010
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