Stream DJ Mustard’s Dope EDM/Urban Travis Scott-Assisted New Single “Whole Lotta Lovin’” Now!

dj mustard whole lotta lovin

The huge surprise collaboration DJ Mustard had been teasing for so many days is finally here. It premiered on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio this Thursday morning (January 7th). The much-hyped song is titled “Whole Lotta Lovin’” and it is a collaboration with rapper Travis Scott (yey?). “This definitely must be an “Anti” reject”, I thought to myself before giving “Whole Lotta Lovin’” a first listen. But like an “Anti” reject it sounds not. “Whole Lotta Lovin’” is an EDM banger!

If this is from an upcoming DJ Mustard album, I couldn’t care less, but I’m actually getting a little bit of LIFE from this song. Yes, “Whole Lotta Lovin’” may be sexist much (“I got you and that's all that I need / When I wake in the morning / For a whole lotta lovin'”) but this is pretty much the common norm for all rap songs so I won’t get bothered. Travis’ auto tuned singing was a pleasant surprise, and his fasting singing/rap moments were “dope”. And what about DJ Mustard’s production? I mean, he knew he was going to get slammed by the whole Internet if he dared to give us another one of his tired and old-already urban beats, so he did the intelligent and kept it a little bit fresh and in-the-moment with the sound of “Whole Lotta Lovin’”. He went from boring urban productions to really sleek production that is this cross between EDM music and urban. The final result, - that is, the song we’re hearing today – is fabulous. DJs need to get a copy of this ASAP. Good 2016 kick-off, DJ Mustard!

Want a giggle? Do you know how many people it took to write the intelligent "Whole Lotta Lovin'"? The list of writers is this: Nicholas Audino, Jean Baptiste, Ryan Buendia, Dominican Cueto, Julian Gramma, Lewis Hughes, Rodney Kay Jackson, E.L. Linnear, Dijon McFarlane, Michael McHenry, CeCe Peniston, Khaled Rohaim, Felipe Delgado Trio and Jacques Webster.

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By on January 7, 2016
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