Song Premiere: PRETTYMUCH Would Go “Blind” Just To Prevent From Seeing A Lover Go Away

prettymuch blind
prettymuch blind premiere

They are persistent.

PRETTYMUCH dropped last week a new single, “Blind”.

I would rather be without vision before I ever watch you leave”, sing the young members of the American boyband in their big ballad.

PRETTYMUCH are yet to “take off” – EP, singles have all tanked on the charts – but they are still given new shots every day by their record label. The guys have been here since 2017 (!!!) and I have yet to see them celebrate a hit. How is their career still going? Someone at their label must really love them and believe them. Because I personally don’t see the logic in keeping them signed. If Tinashe would have been as loved at her label as PRETTYMUCH are at theirs, Tinashe would have 5 albums released right now.

Blind” is cute but not that cute. This honestly sounds more like album filler than official single. Also, PRETTYMUCH just don’t it with ballads for me, I prefer their mid-tempo and up-tempos better.


By on January 28, 2019

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