Song Premiere: Kehlani's "Nights Like This" Is About A Girl Who Cheated On Her With A Guy

nights like this kehlani new single

You can always trust in Kehlani to give you amazing music every time.

Kehlani dropped a new song called "Nights Like This" last night on digital platforms. The Ty Dolla $ign collaboration seems to be a one-off single as I haven't read of any new Kehlani album coming out just yet. But if it does come and as a lovely surprise digital drop, I would be so happy. Surprise me queen! But now I think about it a little better - yeah, took me a minute - Kehlani's last album was released in 2017, so yeah, a new album in 2019 sounds adequate. Keep us posted, gurl!

"Nights Like This" is a delicious R&B song about heartbreak. "Delicious"? Yeah. The lyrics may not be the most merry ones but the melody, Kehlani's singing and how just everything in this song effortlessly flows make this a delicious-on-the-ears tune. I'm obsessed, y'all. I adored this on the first listen. I'm just a little shook by the lyrics, though. How could anyone hurt a beautiful human being like Kehlani? She speaks in "Nights Like This" about a girl she was dating and who ultimately betrayed her to be with a guy! And that girl turned out to be real shady too as she wouldn't even pick up Kehlani's calls who was just calling to get a proper explanation and some closure as well. Poor Kehlani is just heard suffering from the first second of this song.


Last night the music video for "Nights Like This" also arrived online. It has some sort of CYBORGS theme. So unique, I love it.


By on January 11, 2019

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