Song Premiere: Ally Brooke Comes Forth With The Most PERFECT & Most Catchy Debut Solo Single Imaginable, “Low Key”

ally brooke low key
ally brooke low key video

I’m not going to lie. I really thought Ally Brooke’s official debut solo single was going to be a mess. Especially after not truly “loving” the snippet she released to the world of “Low Key” a few days ago on social media. However, upon hearing the song in full for the first time this Thursday morning, I have to say: “Kevin, you got it wrong”. “Low Key” is a bop, it is giving me so much life, I think it will be THE song that I will be replaying non-stop this weekend, and I think, if the chart gods do smile upon on Ally, she may push Lauren Jauregui off of the podium of “3rd most successful solo act from Fifth Harmony”. Honey, “Low Key” is exactly what my doctor prescribed: a good ol’ dose of POP MUSIC at its best.

“Low Key” is serving me Eastern Europe folklore music meets gypsy music meets “Havana”. Do you like the sound of this combination? I personally do! This beat is infectious and so are the lyrics. They’re just crafted to perfection to make a good pop song. Kudos go to John Ryan, Teddy Geiger and Julian Bunetta for writing “Low Key”. Uh-huh, Atlantic Records spared no expense to give Ally a shot at becoming a pop superstar with her first solo single. And they spared no expense either when it came to her budget for her “Low Key” music video, which premiered today too on YouTube.



Don’t mind the cringey intro, please. Let’s just skip that part. Because the rest is just…. OMG. Sensational. My favorite scene has to be the choreographed dance moment in front of the judges. That was! Ally has truly improved her dancing abilities since departing Fifth Harmony. Much more polished! Bravo!

It’s no surprise after this super positive review that I am ROOTING for Ally and “Low Key” (I AM OBSESSED) but I’m just scared the general public in America won’t give Ally a chance. So please, if you love the song as much as I do, share it with your friends, FORCE your mom to listen to it, and just stream it everywhere and request it like crazy to your local Top 40 radio. This is the song Ally Brooke has to BREAK with.

ally brooke low key 2019
By on January 31, 2019

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