Someone Commits Suicide In Keyshia Cole's "Heat Of Passion" Music Video

keyshia cole heat of passion video

Keyshia Cole promised a continuation to her video for “Intro (Last Tango)” and it is here. Premiered in the morning of October 13th, the music video for “Heat of Passion” carries on with the story begun by “Intro (Last Tango)” last week. In that video, Keyshia packed her bags, left her mansion and began driving her roof-less car through the highway looking to commence a new life without the man that had hurt her so.

The video for “Heat of Passion” opens with Key-Key still in motion on the highway. Then, the man to blame for screwing the relationship up by cheating on her returns home. He realizes Keyshia has left for good and he is left in shock. The girl with whom he had cheated on Ms. Cole has also dumped him and he now feels alone. He’s lost the best thing he’s had in life for nothing. In the midst of him wandering through the main bedroom, he picks up a loaded gun. He calls the police, sits on a fancy chair, and after some meditation, he pulls the trigger and ends his life.

Wow. Now talk about a tragic ending. Wonder if “Heat of Passion” was playing in the room at the time? ‘Cause if it was, no wonder why he committed suicide. Keyshia really blasts the poor man in the song. "Point of No Return" is in stores now!

keyshia cole heat of passion music video

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By on October 13, 2014

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