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Noah cyrus im stuck

Such a sound jump from “Stay Together”…

Noah Cyrus just released a new song called “I’m Stuck” on digital stores and it’s just crazy how different it sounds from her previous song “Stay Together”. If “ST” was Miley Cyrus circa “Bangerz”-inspired, teen rebellious, and so “throw your hands in the air” carefree, “I’m Stuck” is folk pop…! SAY WHAT!?

Is “I’m Stuck” Noah’s new single? I think not. I think she hasn’t given up on “Stay Together” just yet (it’s too soon), so “I’m Stuck” is most likely a mere countdown single from her upcoming debut album “NC-17” she decided to release specifically today.

I’m still in shock because of the sound of this. Being folk pop doesn’t make it automatically bad, I have nothing against this genre, but I just didn’t imagine Noah taking this route and really wanted her to stay on the "current" side. “I’m Stuck” is not a bad song but it isn’t the greatest either.

It all points out “NC-17” will be a very eclectic album, huh? But how many genres can one album take?


I’m Stuck” hears Noah singing “I’m stuck / That boy he messed me up / I’m a fighter, I’m a champion, but I’m hanging up the gloves”. A little more context? “Your love has tamed the devil out of me / I was a careless Casanova, but you made my heart go weak”. This means Noah was a man-eater but she is not anymore. Cupid has hit her with an arrow and that has changed her ways so much. Now she’s a docile femme!

The production of the song starts really pure folk but halfway it mutates and gets a little more up-tempo and more "pop" (thank God!). “I’m Stuck” has some good feel-good moments but that’s about it. It’s cute but I’m going to need to Noah to pick a genre and stay on that path. I like folk but she should be focusing on straight-up pop. She was doing so well! Please leave the "experiments" for another time in your career. Now it's just too risky.

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By on May 25, 2017

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