Shawn Mendes Reveals New Album Details, Discusses “Love, Simon” Movie, Latest Tattoo On ‘Elvis Duran’

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Shawn Mendes, who released his new single “In My Blood” today, was just interviewed on “The Elvis Duran Show” on NYC’s Z100 radio. He spoke with the show’s host and co-host about his new single, his forthcoming third studio album, performing at Queen Elizabeth II's 92nd birthday concert, his most recent tattoo or seeing the new “Love, Simon” movie last night.

Read a summary of all the relevant things the dreamy Canadian singer shared in “The Elvis Duran Show” interview below.

On “In My Blood”:

  • Shawn said it was the most emotional he had ever felt over a new single release.
  • It’s his most vulnerable, “closest to my heart” song.
  • He wanted to let fans, who expressed their worrisome over the song’s lyrics on social media, know that he’s fine and that “everything’s cool”.
  • This is a very special song to him because he participated during the entire creating process. He wrote and produced “In My Blood”.

On the new album:

  • He refused to reveal the exact release date. But he did say “it’s coming very soon”.
  • Most of the album was written in Malibu and Shawn wrote many lyrics overlooking the ocean.
  • There will be collaborations in the album. Charlie Puth won’t be one of them. The collaborators will be people that have become really close to him in the latest times.
  • The album will feature different genres, not just pop.
  • He listened to a lot of Kanye West, Drake and old Justin Timberlake while recording the new album
  • He hinted there could be some rapping (from him or from a featured artist) on the new album.
  • He attacked this new album feeling like a brand new person musically.

On Queen Elizabeth II's 92nd birthday concert:

  • He’s very excited.
  • He can’t wait to meet Shaggy.
  • A lot of his family from Canada and in the UK will accompany him.

On the “Love, Simon” movie:

  • He loved it.
  • He praised friend Nick Robinson’s work.
  • He would have loved to audition for the role of Simon (side note: Simon, the protagonist, comes out as gay in the movie)

On his latest tattoo, a hand tattoo:

  • He confirmed the bird is a swallow.
  • He explained the meaning: “It used to be that sailors would get a swallow when they left to go on a journey around the world and they would only get another swallow if they come back home. So it’s like swallows always know where their home is”.

Shawn Mendes’ next interview is with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 this afternoon. Can’t wait to hear what Shawn reveals with him.

Are you excited for Shawn's new album?

By on March 22, 2018
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