Shawn Mendes Releases Portuguese Version of "In My Blood": Must-Listen!

shawn mendes in my blood portuguese

Shawn Mendes has released a "Portuguese version" of his song "In My Blood".

This was not recorded with his Brazilian fans in mind, though. The Portuguese version of "In My Blood" (the first single from Shawn's eponymous third studio album) was actually recorded to serve as the official 2018 FIFA World Cup anthem of the Portugal's national football team. Random? Not really. Shawn's father is Portuguese and he has had a special connection with this country all his life. So when he was approached by the Portuguese Football Federation with this proposal, Shawn gave them a quick yes!

The "Portuguese version" of "In My Blood" is not entirely in Portuguese, though. I would say 90% of it remains in English! Oh well. The few lyrics Shawn Mendes does sing in Portuguese sounded absolutely beautiful in his voice. He should totally consider recording a fully Portuguese original song in the future. It would be the!


Read the lyrics of "In My Blood (Portuguese Version)" here

By on June 13, 2018

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