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Shawn Mendes Asks “Where Were You In The Morning?” To A Deceiving Person: Single Premiere

shawn mendes where were you in the morning

Shawn Mendes' third album is dropping next week and yesterday he released what could be the last "countdown single" before the big arrival. Shawn released "Where Were You In The Morning?" on Friday morning on all digital platforms.

"Where Were You In The Morning?" is a guitar-driven acoustic ballad where the handsome Canadian singer recounts the personal story of getting broken hearted by a girl (or guy? The gender really isn't specified) that he wanted something more with (a relationship that is) than just sex.

"How could you make me believe? / That there was something in between you and me, yeah / I look around and I don't see you / Where were you in the morning, baby? / You didn't leave your number for me", sings a PUZZLED Shawn Mendes.

It just messes with my mind to think someone would just want a one-night stand with Shawn Mendes. HELLO? How can you reject this beautiful human being when he makes it clear that he likes you for real?


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By on May 19, 2018
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