Shakira Steals Black M's Thunder In "Comme Moi" Music Video: Watch

shakira comme moi video
shakira comme moi video premiere

Black M, who?

It's all eyes on Shakira in the music video for "Comme Moi", the latest single from French rapper Black M - who is one of the biggest rappers in France it seems. He premiered this low-budget (yet amazing for Shakira reasons) just moments ago on Friday afternoon on VEVO and we have no doubts it will garner millions of views in its first 24 hours of life. The reason? Shakira! Shakira! (Just take a look at Prince Royce's "Deja Vu" video with Shakira. That's been only one week out and it's already been seen over 28 million views! And it's all because of Shakira's superstar power - because Prince Royce's career, ever since that English debut album disaster, has been rather quiet).

The "Comme Moi" music video sees Black M rapping his parts shirtless (nice abs!) and Shakira doing her choruses sporting all kinds of different looks. She will use her real hair and wear a sexy office lady look, in another one she will use a straight hair wig and wear khaki pants with a belt with golden details, and in a third look she will go all fierce and sexy donning a nude short latex catsuit with which she will do all her Shakira signature dance moves.

This is by far, despite its low-budgetness, the most exciting Shakira-featured music video we've seen in a long while!


By on March 31, 2017
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