Selena Gomez 'Stars Dance' Album Lyrics

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Thirteen new songs form Selena Gomez' brand new album "Stars Dance", which is set for global release on July 23 via Hollywood Records/Universal. Overall, this would be the fourth studio album of Selena's career, but since this is also the first album where the '....& The Scene' tag has been removed from the name, some people are considering "Stars Dance" more like a debut album, but...whatever!

Many things make "Stars Dance" Selena's most exciting and important album ever. First, 'cause it's going to be fun speculating about, and betting on what lyrics make reference to her break-up from Justin Bieber. Second, this will be the first album with which Selena goes play a WORLD tour. And third, 'cause it already sounds like her best album yet, and she's scored with it her first pop #1 ever, "Come & Get It". "Stars Dance" is a very cohesive work, with Selena mainly staying 'pop'. There's mellow and uptempo dance-pop, indian-esque pop, naughty-pop, or island-flavored pop. The opening track "Birthday" is quite shocking and not very representative of what the rest of the album is. Selena gets a tad raunchy on it! My stand-outs have to be, besides the singles, "Save The Day", "Undercover", and "Nobody Does It Like You". Pick yours in the comment section below!

What's your favorite track(s)?

1. Birthday

2. Slow Down

3. Stars Dance

4. Like A Champion

5. Come & Get It

6. Forget Forever

7. Save The Day

8. B.E.AT.

9. Write Your Name

10. Undercover

11.Love Will Remember

12.Nobody Does It Like You

13. Music Feels Better

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