Selena Gomez Releasing Christian Pop Album Next? It Could Happen!

selena gomez christian album

I was not expecting this news and I sincerely hope it’s just a bad source talking.

Reporter Rob Shuter, who has a celeb news weekly segment on iHeartRadio’s official YouTube channel, informed just a couple of days ago that sources had told them that Selena Gomez was planning on releasing a Christian album next. And since Selena promised her “Revival” follow-up would definitely come out in 2018, are we just months away from listening to Selena sing about Jesus Christ in her new pop songs?

“Selena has been playing around with a new sound and has been interested in recording a Christian album,” sources tell them. God and church is a huge part of her life and she wants to celebrate her beliefs by doing what she does best – singing. Her team would rather that she focus on another pop album that will sell much better, but Selena is insisting that she wants to give back”

It’s quite public that Selena has started to attend church services more ever since she went back to dating Justin Bieber, but I had no idea (if I believe this reporter) her community had inspired her to record a full Christian pop album. I really hope this guy’s sources are wrong, though. I have nothing against religions, nothing against Selena’s religion, and nothing against Christian music, but this is Selena Gomez we’re talking about and her fandom is made of millions of fans all around the world (of different religions or simply atheists) and I sincerely think a Christian album would be a mistake.

*Selena Gomez’s last new song was October 2017’s “Wolves”, and if she opts to repeat the schedule of the “Revival” era, we should be getting her first single (either of Christian or regular pop music genres) this June.

By on March 14, 2018
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