Sabrina Claudio Comes Out of Hiding, Releases Beautiful “Messages From Her”

sabrina claudio messages from her

Up and coming singer Sabrina Claudio was “cancelled” by fans earlier this year when a series of tweets made when she was younger containing racist remarks were unearthed. Sabrina apologized and then just went on tour to try to get this “drama” out of her head.

During this tour Sabrina had time to write and record new music. She has a new “project” coming out on August 15th titled “No Rain, No Flowers”. The first single from this “project” was unveiled by Sabrina last night. Titled “Messages from Her”, this is a beautiful ballad where Mr. Claudio sings about her reminiscing the best parts of her “youth” years. Err… but weren’t those years the time when she made those racist remarks? Oh boy. She maybe should have written songs about a whole different subject for this new project. Just saying! It’s just that it’s going to be so easy for those who “cancelled” her to come for her again with these lyrics from “Messages from Her”.

But the song is stunning. I love the vocals, the “dadadadadada” post –chorus gave me chills, and the indie-rock meets R&B production is everything too. Did anyone else get a little vibe from The XX from the production?


By on August 2, 2018

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