Sabrina Carpenter Seeks An European Affair In "Paris": New Song Premiere!

sabrina carpenter paris

Who wants new Sabrina Carpenter?

The American pop singer has released a new song called “Paris” today. This is actually a “countdown single” from her upcoming “Singular: Act 1” mini-album that is coming out on November 9.

Is this new song going to make me have more desire to purchase “Singular: Act 1”? Let me listen…


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Oh yes! That purchase is guarantee. What a song!

Paris” is giving me Nancy Sinatra in the intro, it sounds really French in a way, I’m loving delicate vocals from Sabrina and the dreamy production just makes me want to get lost in the City of Lights at night time smoking a cigarette

It's so romantic in Paris / Won't even try to compare it / Thought I was sure that I'd find it / But I already have love in LA”, sensually sings Sabrina Carpenter in the chorus. Poor girl is a mess. The romantic energy Paris is transmitting Sabrina is making her be on the verge of having an European affair and forgetting at least for a little while what she has back in L.A Will she act on it, though?

By on October 25, 2018

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