Sabrina Carpenter Releases New Pop Bop "Almost Love": Single Premiere

sabrina carpenter almost love

You can always count on Sabrina Carpenter to deliver a good pop song. She knows she's good at it, she loves pop music, pop loves her back (as it clearly showed in her 2016 "Evolution" album), and the bops will be coming endlessly from her during the rest of her career, that's guaranteed.

Sabrina released a brand new single entitled "Almost Love" last nigh on digital platforms. This new song will appear on Ms. Carpenter's forthcoming third studio album "Singular", which is hitting stores later this year.

"Now you're getting it close / Almost love, it's almost love / Speed this up 'cause I'm excited / No more, no more taking it slow", a horny Sabrina Carpenter sings to her lover on the chorus of her new single. Sabrina says in the song that she hopes to move the status of no-strings-attached buddies she has with this lover to "serious relationship" in the near future. That's why she will later repeat "Almost love, but it could be love" non-stop in the post-chorus.

"Almost Love" is such a good song. And I love the little bit of urban flair it has!


Read the lyrics to "Almost Love" here

By on June 6, 2018

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