Sabrina Carpenter Premieres Non-Album New Song "Alone Together" And It Is AMAZING: Listen Here!

sabrina carpenter alone together

Ehh… if this stellar song isn’t on the album then I expect the album to be freaking epic and Grammy-worthy.

Sabrina Carpenter took to Instagram to premiere a brand new song late on Wednesday night. Titled “Alone Together”, this beautiful piano ballad hears the pop singer talking about putting her defenses down and letting a boy into her life - if he’s willing to love her unconditionally. My favorite line from the song is: “I dare you to love me / The pretty and the ugly”.

Moving lyrics, angelic vocals from Miss Carpenter, I was completely captivated during my entire first listen, and… I’m just ten times more excited about her upcoming third studio album now. The new album is coming before 2018 ends. But “Alone Together” isn’t going to appear on the new S.C album. She wrote this on Instagram: “this is not on the album”. Pretty clear, huh? That’s why I said in the first part of this post that if this stunning tune isn’t on her upcoming LP, then that project is going to be filled with nothing than wig-snatching tracks… RIGHT? Sabrina, don’t you play with me! I’m very sensitive! (lol).


By on September 27, 2018

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