Sabrina Carpenter Makes A Winning Court Case In “Sue Me” Music Video

sabrina carpenter sue me video
sabrina carpenter sue me video premiere
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Sabrina Carpenter alongside Carly Rae Jepsen are saving pop music. Period. Thank god for having these two girls in this industry.

Sabrina premiered Friday the music video for her new single “Sue Me” (Drag Race star Nina Bonina Brown is a fan of this song I'm convinced) – which is taken from the American pop singer's “Singular: Act 1” album that she release in stores on November 9.

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Sue Me” is a delicious revenge-is-served-cold ex-boyfriend bashing anthem and Sabrina used this theme to create the supporting music video. The visual will follow beautiful Sabrina Carpenter through a very special day, the day she will inflict upon her ex boyfriend the lethal final blow. Unbothered by what she's about to face, Sabrina will start the day being all lazy waking up and getting out of bed, despite the big effort made by her friends. Then she will go relax in the pool, attend a college class, and she will even have time to bless the college library with her model-esque swag. But finally she will have to attend that appointment, a courthouse appointment. Her ex-boyfriend has indeed sued her but what he doesn't expect is that Sabrina will be the show stopping star in the courtroom and that she will make everyone, from the jury to the judge, support her side of the story when she tells them the real tea about that leech of a boyfriend she had.

By on November 17, 2018

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