Sabrina Carpenter & Casey Cott Kiss In "Why" Music Video: Watch Premiere!

sabrina carpenter why video
sabrina carpenter why video premiere

Sabrina Carpenter keeps getting her discography and videography bigger and bigger. Disney’s “Girl Meets World” star released earlier this month a brand new single called “Why”, an electro-pop mid-tempo which talked about a couple who had a million different things not in common but who ultimately worked out just fine, and here’s, just a couple of weeks later, the official music video via VEVO.

Correct, that’s Riverdale’s hottie actor Casey Cott co-starring in the “Why” music video. Casey is 24 and Sabrina is 18, and yes, they kissed in this video. I too screamed at the screen when that moment happened. Don’t they look so good together? But aren’t six years of age difference a lot? But anyway, Sabrina got that kiss (and not you) and that is all that matters.

The “Why” music video sees on-screen couple Casey and Sabrina just enjoying their relationship despite their million differences (like for instance Sabrina loves horror movies and Casey doesn’t) and they too give us a glimpse of their first on-screen date, the day they allegedly first met. They had a coffee at a diner and as they talked and talked, and Sabrina realized maybe Casey wasn’t the right guy for her (in view of their interests differences), she decided to stand up from the table and just walked away from the diner. But just as she was on her way to wherever already in the street, she turns around and smiles, clearly, at least for me, implying that Casey went out to get her, and asked her to give him an opportunity and to make her realize that despite their differences the love flame could still sparkle. And from what we say in the rest of the “Why” music video, that was clearly the case. So nice!

sabrina carpenter why video casey

Are you also as obsessed with “Why” as I am? This may be “officially” an electro-pop mid-tempo song but it is a jam for me. That chorus and the production in it just make me want to go DOWN!

By on July 20, 2017

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